Feel, Jusfeel


I think that John, Kurt, Freddie, MJ, 家驹, Danny, Leslie, 邓丽君, 张雨生 are having a great party up there and I really like to join someday.

Beyond is my favorite Cantonese band and always will be.

I am currently watching "Call me Saul", "Game of thrones", "Sense8", "Mr. Robot", "Humans". I wish "Deadwood" can be back!

I am addicted to movies like "Chinese coffee", "The man from earth", animes like "Initial D"

PHP is my first. Erlang is my second. I am currently dating C#.
Given the order, I'll always be respectful to PHP and I looove Erlang web applications..but C# seems where future holds for me.


IT Manager - "Duo duo"