You can stay and you can leave.

A shoe that grows

Because creates shoes that grows with you for poor country kids.

“Practical Passion” - what a phrase! Though it doesn’t sound making sense at first hear. But it is the truth that passion is rooted in the outcome of the practical influence of the passion, hopefully a good influence, more often in my opinion, more of the time, it’s wasted.

Good luck with this cause, Because.

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System administration is a by-product of any serious programming skill.

This post is note about installing or configuring MTA on a local development linux box. So it can sent emails using “sendmail” at the end.

What the HECK is MTA?

Mail Transfer Agent - you need that on your linux box to send and receive emails - acting as a mail server.

postfix, sendmail, exim

Which one to use
I don’t know - whatever works - sendmail sucks.

Save you some white hair

System might have it already installed. Check it.

alternatives --display mta
alternatives --config mta - pick one.

Configure sendmail
sendmail server configuration

If you do have more than one. You better be careful. You might not be able to start MTA because

the port is being taken!!!

netstat -an |grep :25
ps -aux | grep sendmail
ps -aux | grep exim

stop them, delete them .whatever.

This thread is a saver. at the bottom


# Allows SMTP access
-A INPUT -p tcp --dport 25 -j ACCEPT

# Allows pop and pops connections
-A INPUT -p tcp --dport 110 -j ACCEPT
-A INPUT -p tcp --dport 995 -j ACCEPT

# Allows imap and imaps connections
-A INPUT -p tcp --dport 143 -j ACCEPT
-A INPUT -p tcp --dport 993 -j ACCEPT

sendmail_path = "/usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i"

I don’t know how critical this setting is until I failed to try to send email via Zend_Mail (Zend Framework php Class) when I can send via command line.

CentOS wiki

Install - sure you want to read this.

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Upgrade emberjs ember-data ember-cli


DEBUG: ——————————-
DEBUG: Ember : 2.4.2
DEBUG: Ember Data : 2.4.0+9f8c40927a
DEBUG: jQuery : 2.1.4
DEBUG: Ember Simple Auth : 1.0.0
DEBUG: ——————————-

Except project update partly, visit Frank’s EmberIgniter by all means

I just put some notes as a memo for myself here

Ember Cli

npm uninstall -g ember-cli
npm cache clean && bower cache clean
npm install -g ember-cli@1.13.15


bower install ember#2.3.0 --save

You need to choose a version number at the end of the process.

Ember Data

ember install ember-data@2.3.2

It’s an ember addon

Project Update

This is done after ember-cli gets updated for existing projects.
release tells you details information.

  1. rm -rf node_modules bower_components dist tmp – Delete temporary development folders.
  2. npm install –save-dev ember-cli@2.4.2 – Update project’s package.json to use latest version.
  3. npm install – Reinstall NPM dependencies.
  4. bower install – Reinstall bower dependencies.
  5. ember init – This runs the new project blueprint on your projects directory. Please follow the prompts, and review all changes (tip: you can see a diff by pressing d). The most common source of upgrade pain is missing changes in this step.


a little mistake might just ruin your day.

Doing ember init really must be care after you updated embercli. Some packages might just be removed but you didn’t see it. In my case, I forgot to remove “es5-shim”.

The package.json have my addon and these ember package merged together so it’s easy to make mistake.

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Learn to be still

Sharing is not always a good thing. I recently checked ZF1 and ZF2. The major difference is that ZF2 introduced this quite powerful code sharing mechanism. It’s like modules in Drupal. ZF2 calls it modules as well.

So you create a module and people can plug it into their system. Because the framework has hooks(drupal) or events(Zend), you can, in your own module, hook into or override Zend behavior or other modules.

Suppose I need the function and I find this module good enough to be used and easy enough to customize to suit my need. This is both the advantage of Zend and drupal, or not.

The question is not that “is this a good idea to allow sharing code and reuse code and easy customization?”. The answer is clear: big yes.

The question is that “How can people know how good the code is and how easy to use the code is?”

Since now is more like integration other than development. The code quality and the UI/UX needs to be customized more or less. And the update and upgrade in the future might happen with the growth of the need. If you are not the author of the code you are using and you are relying on someone who is not responsible to respond to your need, the only thing left for you is to read other people’s code and either fix it or update it yourself.

On another lane, if your code is written by yourself or by the developer who is responsive to your hire, there is no point of sharing, you might even care not to share it since you deserve some rewardings.

Remember this: change is a constant. To put it another way: all compounded things are impermanent.

Too much dependencies now, look at github.

My opinion is not changed even after being impressed by ZF2 - development or coding is personal with taste in it. You can use it the fruit of other people work but it is totally different from development of your own when you have total control over it. The quality is over quantity in other words.

Not saying that you creating 100 cars over night is a bad thing. Not saying that you building a great car over a year is better idea. I am saying that it’s different taste. It’s a different approach. Not better, not worse. You dance with a different style but not like you are better. If you look through time, today is the most boring moment in history when people are too busy to pay attention to each other than their TV and phones and social status. I can compare this with watching porn to having real sex. The reason is not driven by people but actually but by the creation of the people which are admittedly more fun than human being. So in other words, we are on the way to be taken place by machines and softwares.

And as another result, the so-called enlightment bar is very low today. Just get a cancer and start counting the days left, you will notice that you should pay less to your mobile screen and going out and have a sun bath and talk to some real human beings.

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PHP Pear Packages

List pear packages installed and where they are:

[jusfeel@localhost tt]$ pear list
Installed packages, channel
Package Version State
Archive_Tar 1.4.0 stable
Console_Getopt 1.4.1 stable
Mail 1.3.0 stable
PEAR 1.10.1 stable
Structures_Graph 1.1.1 stable
XML_Util 1.3.0 stable
[jusfeel@localhost tt]$ pear config-get php_dir
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