jBPM6.x rest API endpoint  “<server>/jbpm-console/rest/…” changed in 7.1.0 and its docs has nothing about it. The real deal is somewhere else.

And I quote: Process Execution Server

The process execution server (also known as kie-server) has been extended to support the core engine features above (related to case management, admin APIs, etc.) and to offer a remote API for these operations. On top of that, two other important architectural changes were done.

Separate workbench from execution server

While in v6 the workbench came with an embedded execution server to execute all the process and task requests that users were performing in the web-based UI, in v7 this embedded execution server has been removed and the workbench delegates all its requests to the kie-server as well. The main advantage is that the workbench can now be used to monitor any (set of) kie-server(s). By linking the kie-server to the workbench, the process and task monitoring UIs in the workbench can now connect to this kie-server and show all relevant information. When multiple independent kie-servers are used, you can either connect to a specific one or use the smart router to aggregate information across multiple servers (see below). As a result, a few missing features that were not yet available in v6 on kie-server but only on the remote API of the workbench have also been migrated to the kie-server.

The real documentation for 7.1.0 can be found in 6.* version documentation in redhat

After build & deploy your project under project authoring, under deploy/execution servers, you can see the kie-server API endpoint for the container.


You can now check the process definitions if you have created processes



Started the process, you can see it in:


(1 is the instance ID)