3 nen B gumi Kinpachi-sensei e207

The girl in the 3 grade class stands up and speak about her not-join the final exam for entering high school so she wishes the final team work event, which most kids in the class think of it as a total distraction and a waste of their precious time to be apprecated and worked hard at.

Her language is slow. I don’t know if this is her not good at acting or this is just her into the role. It worked. You can feel the sadness of departure from the state of the middle high which is to most kids a total survival fight.

This episode is about the class preparing the event with an idea to present to the school what they can do to show their team work and abilities outside academic.

The show is from 80s. The actor, the main guy, the role being the master or main key teacher of the class 3 nen B gumi, he is called the “teacher of the nation” after the show aired. He has basiclly becomes a model for teacher in Japan.

The first season is a blast to mind even I watch it today 2019. It touches topices extremely important and realistic, even taboo in some way. For example, there are 4 episode out of 23 episodes in the 1st season of the show, btw there is 8 season in total, there were these 2 kids, a boy and a girl in the same class, same middle high 3B class, they fell in love, and the girl got preganent. Following the story line, watching all the roles, parents, classmates, teachers, themselves, their reactions, their changes, the story is written brilliantly.